When you're an athlete and a coeliac too it's surprisingly difficult to not only find a product that is gluten/wheat free but also one that is gentle on your stomach whilst exercising. Fortunately ZipVit Sports, for me, fits the bill perfectly and is a product that i have not only used for many years but one that i recommend to all my athletes. 


Designed to increase speed and endurance whilst reducing fatigue, free from artificial colours flavours and preservatives too. The thing that i really like about Energy Drink Elite is the mix of carbohydates and electrolytes helping you fuel your ride and replace the minerals lost whilst exercising. It mixes easy too. Simply add water, quick shake and all dissolved. I tend to actually play around with the measured dose as sometimes dependent on what i am doing i prefer it to be a bit lighter. Perfect for longer rides, TT and endurance events but if you want something without the carbs and for hot, shorter or recovery rides then look no further than ZipVit Electrolyte Tablets.


Again easy to dissolve and doesn't leave a sticky mess on your bike, hands, bars etc like some other brands if you mange to spill it. The tablets contain glutamine, 7 key electrolytes as well as helping to promote fat burning during training !!!!. Now i have moved to Italy i have started using these when on shorter intense rides, or when it's super hot which works great and the flavour, Watermelon tastes amazing. I really like the fact that none of these products contain caffeine. Too often companies will add caffeine to drinks and products which can cause headaches, upset stomachs which can have negative events on your ride, race or event.


*Reduces muscle fatigue, increases muscle power, maintains immune function helps to rapidly repair and refuel, reduces protein breakdown, protects against free radicals and of course free from artiflicial colouring flavours and preservatives. Basically this will help you recover faster help your muscles from stiffening up and keep you healthy.

There are 3 flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and my personal favourite Vanilla. It tastes like milk shake, easy to mix and i love the protein shaker that comes with it to.  I prefer to keep the fruit based drinks for the rides i do and the recovery drinks for after. Drinking a chocolate or vanilla flavour drink after your ride just makes it feel like its a treat rather than a necessary part of your recovery.

ZipVit also have a great range of flavours of bars and gels which i will review later. Although not a great lover of gels, Bakewell Tart breaks the mould of the usual fruit and caffeine based flavours !!!!

Try ZipVit, i bet once you start using and see the results, you will never go back to your old choice of recovery/energy drink.