Whether you are simply looking to improve your cycling skills, train for an event or improve your racing performance, Rule 5 is here to help you achieve your goals. I am a Certified British Cycling Coach in Road, TT and MTB and  also a Training Peaks acrredited coach too. I  can help you overcome weak spots in your riding, regardless of experience or ability. If you’ve a nagging urge or desperate desire to achieve something in cycling, I can help no matter how big or how small.

For some people, getting professional guidance is all about having a well designed training plan; others benefit from having support and a sounding board for their ideas and experiences. For many people, just being accountable to someone else renews their enthusiasm and commitment. Just the fact you’re paying for advice will motivate you more.

Rule 5 Cycle Coaching will help you develop more effective training, help you spot your mistakes and finding ways to develop a better technique, I can help fast track you to a point that would have taken years on your own through trial and error.

With over 30 year’s experience of cycling at competitive level in Road and TT, club, sportive and International events I have a passion and enthusiasm for my sport. I fully understand how difficult it can be to progress without the knowledge, guidance and expertise of someone that can assist you to reach your goals. With enthusiasm, drive and motivation I am here to smooth the progress of your development