Rule 5 Cycle Coaching

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it”


Rule 5 Cycle Coaching

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it”


"Ian has helped me on many occasions with my cycling training and fitness. He is a very experienced cyclist and has a deep knowledge of the subject and  is very supportive"


"Ian is a very experienced and knowledgeable cycling coach who has done much to improve me as a cyclist. He can provide tailored training plans, advice on nutrition and re hydration and is a great motivator."

4t Velo Race Team

"Great summer of coaching from Ian. Was great that he managed to incorporate sessions for the whole squad from Juniors to Cat 2 some of which meant that we trained as a team, it really bought us together"

Jose Luis Miguel

"From Cat 4 to Cat 3 in one season and only 5 races, thanks Ian. Those sprint sessions really nailed it for me !!!"





" Ian has helped me ride London to Manchester as well as tackling London to Paris and Ride London 100. He has a great knowledge, is patient and fits the training around you. It was great to see my progression over the weeks which ensured that i completed the challenges feeling surprisingly good at the end. Little does he realize that i am thinking of doing the Etape next year !!"

Neil Manning

"2.5 hours off my previous Ride London time - never though it would be possible when Ian told me I could do it in 6 hours. Mind you I suffered on the turbo a bit but as they say no pain no gain....tks Ian so much, chuffed to bits."

Algarve Velo

"Ian extends his cycling coach competence to Algarve with algarvevelo.com.
Ian and Rule 5 Cycling Coach offers reliable and experienced methodology for cycling performance improvements.
Climbing training camps outside of UK have been a strong focus of Rule 5 Cycling Coach programs".