Let’s go to San Remo for New Year says Massimo. My dreams of riding the Poggio and the Cipressa somewhat dashed when I thought, well better take my lovely wife and with Stephy in the car too, there is no room for your bike mate!!

Still let’s drive up over and down them and take some shots instead!!!

San Remo of course, the finish of Milan San Remo and countless starts and ends of The Giro...a cycling hotspot, tucked in the far west corner of Liguria nestling next to the French Border and not too far from Milan either.

Italians and cars, what can I say...do they really drive that bad/fast. Thoughts of my lovely wife behind the wheel and my mother in law....hold that thought....only a bit of swearing and arm waving  – ah will be fine.

Fine – dictionary definition – “satisfactory or pleasing manner” both of which the journey was not. Thundering down the motorway at 180kmph flashing everyone to get out the way or if they didn’t move then simply switch lanes, cut in front and go around them all at the same speed. Of course best way to slow down just drop gear- brakes what for, that’s for when you stop. Massimo was in some kind of car chase that only he knew about, no one would have caught him anyway and if he caught up with someone he simply drove 6 inches from their year flashed his lights and drove straight on....if he could have gone straight over the top I am sure he would – how inconvenient that other cars were on the Autostrada on New Year’s Eve

On a positive we got their ridiculously fast so much so that in forgetting my “G suit “ all my blood had left my head and was now in my feet – felt like I had pulled 2G for the last 2 hours....

Staying in Bussana a lovely little town next to San Remo a quick giro and aperativo back home for dinner and then out to watch the fireworks after which where does a fast paced Italian go, oh yes the Casino of course. Not for me playing slots and blackjack I was still looking for anything cycling related.  Still tomorrow we can have a walk around town, I can look then........

Tomorrow, no hangover for me, slept bad and after a lovely, simple beautiful lunch where did we go, oh of course yes, let’s go to Monte Carlo says Massimo.....still hopefully, dreams of seeing Pro Teams/cyclists riding to Menton and up the Col de la Madone – what the hell, let’s do it its only 20mins away.

And where did we head for – The Casino of course, Massimo posing with the Ferraris, Lamborghini, etc...he was in heaven, me I was left to dream...I wonder what it would be like to tackle the climb out of Monaco as it goes up and on for ever...and admire my only one related cycling photo from an advertising board left out by the local bike hire shop........next year, let’s go to San Remo WITH MY BIKE!!! (And take the wife)